Area Living Interna

La riconversione della vecchia stalla è divenuta oggi l’area living dedicata al relax dei nostri amici. I dettagli, lo stile e i colori dell’arredamento sono frutto di un attenta ricerca.



Centuries-old “ Chianche “ speak about the peasant past of the Masseria, the hardness of working the soil and the ancient artisans art of wine-making: this is the atmosphere you can feel in the Millstone where our friends coming from all over the world are served their winter breakfast.


The majestic wisteria, the typical barrel vaults and the warm colors of the stones will lead our guests to a short journey back in time by tasting the best autochthonous wines: Primitivo, Verdeca, Negramaro and Susumaniello will tell you of a proud land rich in history, wisdom and tradition.


Strada Cupa 7, Martina Franca, Puglia

Tel. +39 392.449.4956

Tel. +39 335.453.260


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